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HEliport Design

City-based heliports have recently become the focus of studies to alleviate traffic congestion that is endemic to modern city precincts – businesses and hospitals are understandably concerned about time-loss and its effect on productivity, not to mention inconvenience. Access to suitable heliport sites in the cities is often limited due to the high demand for real estate and the requirement to build multi-storey buildings to maximize value from the land area. The answer to this difficulty is an elevated helipad facility on the rooftop of a suitable building.

Challenge Air has been developing both heliport and helistop facilities in South Africa, including elevated helistops – our speciality, since the early 2000’s. These projects have been successfully managed from various stages of development depending on client requirements. Our experienced heliport design team comprises of professionals from various aviation, safety, infrastructure, training and disaster management disciplines that complement each other for an optimum, ICAO-compliant facility.

Our heliport designs are developed to client-specifications with particular attention to projected purpose. Some examples of our projects are:

Our heliport designs are developed to client-specifications with particular attention to projected purpose. Some examples of our projects are:

  • Elevated hospital trauma service helistops – Major city-central

  • Elevated exclusive commercial helistops – Major city-central

  • Elevated mixed-use private residential and commercial helistops – Major city-central

  • Semi-elevated heliports with full amenities and services – Urban

Suggested uses of a heliport include:

  • Executive passenger transfers

  • Executive airport shuttle service

  • Private charters

  • Corporate operations; VIP’s, delegates etc.


Elevated heliports, by nature and usual location in a prominent position in a city precinct, undoubtedly attract attention when aircraft movements are observed by the public. The helistop facilities developed for Challenge Air’s clients are therefore more than a mere practical or compliant provision. Whilst every Challenge Air heliport is designed to comply with the latest International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and local regulations, we also pay close attention to the aesthetic appeal of the structure so that it complements the precinct’s appearance and gives the city a sense of pride – a state-of-the-art, world-class facility.

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Since planned operations for elevated heliports usually necessitate movement of helicopters over confined built-up areas, the type of helicopter that may service the facility as well as the crew qualifications required (including recurrent training) and authorization to conduct flight operations at the helistop must be strictly controlled. All movements must therefore be authorized, either under blanket consent to approved, licensed operators or mission authorization for ad-hoc operations. Per regulations, only Performance Class 1 Helicopter operations are initially authorized for these heliports.


Challenge Air offers a comprehensive and all-inclusive heliport management programme for all heliports. Service offerings include:

  • Comprehensive base management

  • Site personnel

  • Compliance maintenance

  • Training

  • Manuals and subscriptions

  • Operational maintenance

  • Continued base development

  • Operator management

  • Safety and security

  • Disaster management compliance

  • Internationally recognised auditing and training

Contact Challenge Air today to discuss your exclusive heliport or helistop requirements. Our professional team will gladly assist you with your inquiries.

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